Home on estate of former first lady of China hits the market

A home on the estate formerly owned by Madam Chiang Kai-Shek, the one-time first lady of China, has just hit the market asking $11.8 million, listing broker Jason Friedman of Laffey Fine Homes in Great Neck told LLNYC.

Madame and her husband Chiang Kai-Shek led the Chinese National Party until they were deposed by Chairman Mao in 1949. Despite his exile, many still recognized Chiang’s authority as the legitimate Chinese government over Mao’s until his death in 1975. Madame Chiang spent much of her last years in relative seclusion in the original home in Lattingtown, Long Island, until she sold it in 1998. She died in 2003 at the age of 106.

When Madame’s belongings went on auction at the estate back in 1998, tens of thousands showed up to see how she lived and to honor her. ”It was frightening and sad all at the same time,’ the auctioneer Gary Braswell told the New York Times. ”We had room to handle 150 cars, but they parked everywhere and rushed to the house. Only when people got inside did they suddenly become calm, almost reverential, like they were on a religious or historic pilgrimage.”

The home for sale is one of three houses on the original property, and was built in 2002. In addition to its ties to Chinese history, it has more than 12 acres of land, a par-3 golf hole and a swimming pool